1. ASAWA (Association of Socially Aware Women Advocate)

    The Center through the ASAWA program aims to assist harassed and battered women be aware of their rights and find appropriate means to resolve their issues.

    It provides counseling and training for responsible parenting and family values education to mothers. It also provides skills education to mothers to augment family income, and conduct trainings and seminars for women empowerment.

  2. Outreach Education Program

    A program designed to equip women and children with knowledge and skills so they can be responsible and productive citizens. The program is categorized into the following:

    1. Formal Education – a program which helps alleviate povertyy through education of under-privileged youth, especially the poor and out-of-school. Generous benefactors gave assistance for formal education to deserving beneficiaries.
    2. Non-Formal Education – a program which provides Non-Formal Eduucation Accreditation and Equivalency classes to street children and out-of-school youth. In coordination with the Department of Education, the Center conducts regular classes under the Literacy Service Contracting Scheme. This provides opportunity for out-of-school youth to continue their studies.
    3. Computer Literacy – a program which provides typing skills and basic computer literacy program for out-of-school youth learners.
    4. Values Education – a program which provides character formmation and spiritual upliftment for out-of-school youth learners.
    5. Family Education – a program that provides family values eeducation.
    6. Parenting Education – a program which provides education on rresponsible parenting.
    7. Health Education – a program which provides basic primary health care and first aid education.

  3. Skills Education

    A program designed to provide skills education to women so that they may be equipped to earn a living like dressmaking, rosary making, mat making, fish net making, soap making, cooking and candle making.

  4. Child’s Right Advocate

    A program designed to make different groups be more aware of children’s rights and implement the Principles of the United Nation’s Convention on Children’s Rights.

  5. Incarcerated Women Advocate

    A program designed to provide assistance to incarcerated women in their basic human rights.

  6. Drop-in Center

    A program designed to provide assistance to marginalized groups such as street children, handicapped, rugby users, child prostitutes, sexually abused girls and the like.

  7. Health Apostolate

    A program designed to facilitate health education to women through Herbal Garden Education, Glucose & Cholesterol Testing, etc., Reproductive Health Education, Drug Education, and Gender Issues Education.

  8. Counseling Center for Women and Children

    A program designed to provide assistance for counseling and therapy to women and children with special needs, such as rape victims, victims of violence and the like.

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